brand directory

Below are some ethical, sustainable brands that I have either partnered with in the past or have tried. These are brands that I believe in and have chosen to support. Please read below and click through the links to learn more about the brands.

As my slow living journey continues to grow and develop, I enjoy discovering new brands that are doing impactful things for the environment and the world. I love discovering new brands and products and having the opportunity to try new products and work with brands. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and I hope that my opinion and thoughts are valuable to you. I carefully consider each brand that approaches me and I only choose to partner with and support those I personally love and believe in. Some of the partner brands listed on this page contain affiliate links, which means that if you choose to purchase something through my links, I make a small commission from a sale. Other links are just links to brands I have worked with and would like to direct your attention to, in order to help you on your sustainability journey.

I am so honoured to have your continued support to grow!


where can i find sustainable & Ethical (blank)?

I’m often asked the question, ‘Where can I find sustainable and ethical (blank)?’. In order to help you make sustainable changes and intentional purchases, I’ve curated a list of sustainable/ethical fashion, accessories, beauty, and lifestyle products that I have personally tried myself. This list will continue to grow as I learn more about sustainability and slow fashion, but in the meantime, I hope that this list is helpful for you.

* Canadian Brands
Affiliate Brands