How-to: Get The Most Out Of Your Capsule Wardrobe



get the most out of your capsule wardrobe

Fall is in full swing here in Canada, with the picturesque landscapes flooded with colour, the brisk wind, and cool temperatures. All the plaid, wool hats, turtlenecks, and boots are officially out. I think fall is the perfect season for a capsule wardrobe enthusiast as you can really push your creativity and discover new outfit combinations through the simple styling trick of layering. There are so many ways to layer and so many pieces that are layering-friendly. The most obvious and typical layering piece I have is big cozy cardigan. As many of you know, I’m a huge turtleneck lover! There are many reasons why I love turtlenecks. One being that they are such a comfortable thin layer that adds an exceptional amount of warmth. Since it’s so thin, it easily allows for more layering with other pieces. I also love the silhouette of the turtleneck and how simply it elevates an outfit.

I wanted to share a little styling post with you, sharing some fun ways to layer and transition summer-dedicated pieces into your fall wardrobe! Even if you don’t have the exact pieces that I have in my closet, I’m sure you can still adapt these tips for your own wardrobe.

layering with a turtleneck

In the summer, rompers and jumpsuits are so much fun to wear and so easy to throw on. However, once the weather starts to cool down, we don’t think much about them with our minds filled with cozy knits and sweaters. Here’s how I like to style my romper for fall. If you live in a warmer place (not for me anymore), this just might be the outfit for you! I took my beloved romper from the spring/summer season and layered a ribbed turtleneck underneath it for some warmth. If you have a jumpsuit, you can use the same layering trick here for extra warmth. You can also check out how I styled Encircled’s Jetset Jumpsuit for the fall months here!

layering with a shirtdress

Another item I love to wear during the spring/summer seasons is a simple shirtdress. It is so easy to just throw on and pull together a look with some casual sandals or runners. I’ve also been finding that it’s quite an interesting look styled over more smart trousers for a comfortable, yet appropriate office outfit. For an extra layer of warmth during the cold fall days, I’ve been layering a turtleneck underneath the shirt dress.


layering with simple camis

The final way I get the most use of my summer blouses and camis is to layer them underneath jackets, blazers, and cardigans. Sometimes camis styled over turtlenecks is another great way to layer up in the cooler months, and is also perfect if channeling that 90’s vibe. I’ve styled this mauve tank I wore tons in the summer, for a more corporate environment with a long line duster and some black trousers.

None of these tips are mind-blowing, but I find it just takes a little effort and some thought to get the most out of my wardrobe. I love that layering pieces adds dimension and texture to outfits and allows me to get more wears out of items that are typically more geared for spring/summer months.

What are your favourite ways to layer and get the most out of your wardrobe? Care to share your favourite layering piece or best layering tips?