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How-to: Low-waste Canada Day party

Our humble abode is finally construction-free, so my husband and I decided to throw a little BBQ get-together with some friends for Canada Day. I love throwing parties but often times they can be quite wasteful. Think back to the most recent birthday party or summer soiree you've been to with all the disposal cutlery, napkins, balloons, etc. that ended up in the trash. Sometimes minimizing waste just requires a bit of thought beforehand, so I thought I'd share a few tips on keeping the waste low while still having fun and being festive!  

1. Use what you have

This is a definite no-brainer tip! The only downside to using your own plates, cups, and cutlery are the amount of dishes you'll have to do at the end of the night. If you absolutely cannot avoid using disposal plates, try to purchase compostable paper plates instead of plastic ones. Finally, the plastic straws! Whatever you do, these are probably the easiest to avoid, either by completely taking them out of the picture or simply swapping them out for some stainless steel or fun paper straws.

2. Low-waste menu

Since we decided on doing a potluck BBQ, we asked our friends if they could try to bring dishes without plastic. For our burgers, we purchased meat from the butcher instead of the pre-packed meat and picked up some fresh produce as well. 

3. Eco-friendly decor

We decided on a fairly simple get-together so decor could be completely avoided. However, sometimes all it takes is a bit of foraging in the backyard for a lovely floral arrangement straight from the earth. Other options would to go with paper decorations that can be reused or recycled. For a fun tablecloth, go for a reusable one instead of those single-use plastic covers. 

4. Set up recycling/composting stations

Make it easy for your guests to recycle and compost. Have a clear and designated spot for compost and recycling if necessary. 



We definitely were not completely zero waste but it's a start and I'm a firm believer that every bit helps. I hope these tips get your juices flowing on how to have a more sustainable party this Canada Day. Share your thoughts with me below! What are your best tips for having a low-waste party? Happy Canada Day!