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Summer 10 x 10

the 10x10 challenge:

It's simple! - Choose 10 pieces from your wardrobe, create 10 outfits and wear it over 10 days! 

The 10 items:


  • White T-shirt by Uniqlo

  • Grey T-shirt by Theory

  • Black Muscle Tank by Kmart

  • Black T-shirt Blouse by Aritzia (Talula)


  • Blue Striped Jumpsuit by Cotton On

  • Grey Jumpsuit by Nique

  • Black Trousers by Oak + Fort

  • Donna Mom Jeans by Cheap Monday


  • Black Sandals by Solective

  • Grey Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top by Converse

My goals for the summer 10x10 challenge: 

  • creativity

  • shop within my own closet

The reason I love the 10x10 challenge is that it really pushes me to be creative and helps me love the pieces I already own. Sometimes when I'm constantly looking at or thinking about sustainable brands and companies (which are amazing!), I'm tempted to shop. One of the most challenging things for me about sustainable fashion is not shopping! My capsule wardrobe really helps me see what I really love to wear and shows me if I really need to purchase something. Then from there, I can look at all the amazing sustainable brands out there. Sustainable fashion practices is not always about shopping from sustainable brands, it's often about not shopping at all!

A lot of the pieces I own are from my fast fashion days and are still in good condition, so I'm glad this challenge gave me the opportunity showcase them. I was able to successfully shop within my own closet and use pieces I own. My closet is naturally full of very minimal and classic silhouettes and colours, so I intentionally chose a jumpsuit with a bolder pattern and it wasn't black or white haha! I was able to style it in a different way than I would normally wear it and I ended up loving it! I think my goal for next time will be to explore even more colour or patterns!  

collaboration with jewels & aces:

I had the most amazing opportunity to feature a pair of earrings from Jewels & Aces' earring capsule. The concept of the earring capsule is right up my alley and is extremely versatile. When I look for sustainable brands, I'm even more excited when it's a local brand! Jewels & Aces is based in Toronto and uses sustainably sourced, recycled materials. Here are just a few of the different ways I styled the ball stud earrings and circle hoop ear jackets

My Favourite Outfit:

This is my favourite outfit from the summer 10x10 because it features my all-time favourite pair of jeans. It's a very classic look of mine and one that I feel comfortable and confident in! 


What I Learned & a recap of my 10 outfits

I really enjoyed this challenge and felt that I learned more about my personal style and things I gravitate towards. It also helped to spark a lot of conversations with friends and family about my journey to becoming more sustainable. This challenge also introduced me to tons of amazing friends from around the world in this "sustainable community". I'm so looking forward to the next 10x10!

Thanks for following along with me through this challenge and for all your thoughtful comments and encouragements. I hope you're inspired to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle and explore the different ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.